You can find ROS2 Topic, Service and Action examples in turtlebot3-UE

This is a simple example of how to use ROS2 Topic, Service and Action in Unreal Engine 5. Please check documentation of RapyutaSimulationPlugins to learn about how to create ROS enabled robots in Unreal Engine 5.

Setup and run UE Project

  1. Download the lastest UE5 for Linux by following Unreal Engine for Linux.

  2. Clone and build

git clone `turtlebot3-UE <https://github.com/rapyuta-robotics/turtlebot3-UE/>`_
cd turtlebot3-UE
  1. Run

  1. Open turtlebot3-UE/Content/Maps/ROS2<Topic/Service/Action>Examples.umap and Play.

Since the prooject is set to use ROS2 with Discovery Server to communicate with ROS2 Node in UE, you needs to execute source turtlebot3_UE/fastdds_setup.sh.

* In jammy branch, you can execute ./run_editor false to run project without Discovery Server.

Topic/Service/Action Examples

Blueprint classes are in turtlebot3-UE/Content/Blueprints/ROS2Examples.

C++ classes are in turtlebot3-UE/Source/turtlebot3/ROS2Examples.

In the following examples, we used communication components and node to keep it simple, but in practical use cases, the elements presented should be integrated in the actors that need these functionalities.