Overview of a group of rclUE software





Above figure shows overview of related repositories. Please reference this structure when you create your own ROS2 UE simulations.


Example repository of ROS2 UE simulation.

rclUE(this repository)

ROS2 integration features such as creating ROS2 Node, publisher/subscriber and etc.


Provides feature to create ROS2 controllable actor, e.g. robot and sensors. Most of the features in top figure are provided by this repository. Please check overview of RapyutaSimulationPlugins


Provides non UE plugin tools such as custom msg generation for UE. Please follow README to add new msgs to rclUE.

* todo: support adding msg to other place than rclUE.


Includes ROS2 msg/srv/action files. Please use UE_tools to generate necessary C++ files for UE plugins.